“The end of education is to know God and the laws and purposes of His universe, and to reconcile one’s life with these laws. The first aim of a good college is not to teach books, but the meaning and purpose of life. Hard study and the learning of books are only a means to this end. We develop power and courage and determination and we go out to achieve Truth, Wisdom, and Justice.”

Quote by John Watson, former President of A M & N College (Now University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff)

Mission Statement

The Living Water School exists to provide a Christ-centered and classically inspired education where students are encouraged to follow their interests and passions, think critically, and learn  independently.

We accomplish the mission by helping our students FLOW in their educational and life journey:

lwschool pic1

F-Follow a child’s interests, passions, learning style, and learning pace
L-Liberal Arts Education (Classical Education) children  learn freely through exploration, dialogue of their thoughts and opinions, and by interaction with Living Books and Classic literature, the school community and the world
O-Open to exploring and respecting others’ perspectives, backgrounds and worldviews for understanding  and without fear of compromising their own beliefs
W-Worldview based on Christianity

Vision Statement

To be able to provide a Christ-centered, classically inspired and independent learning environment for all students that desire it in the Greater Washington Metropolitan area