firstweekofschool2The Application Process:

  • Attend an info session
  • Complete the application provided at the info session or request it in email
  • Pay the non-refundable $50 application fee
  • Agree to support the Mission and Vision for the school
  • If your child expresses an interest, agree to support and encourage your child’s exploration of the Christian faith
  • Interview with the founder and other staff members
  • Introduction to the entire school community
  • Student must spend one week for a preview week at the school before completing the enrollment process.
  • Each parent must commit to 5 hours of volunteer time per quarter for the school (can be served in or outside of the school time and donations can be substituted for volunteer time.)
  • We have a rolling admissions, allowing students to enter the school at any time, but they must enroll for a full year from the date enrolled.

Costs and Other Details (enrollment is for ages 4 to 19/K4-12):

  • Tuition is $7,000 for all ages/grade levels.   Scholarships are available.
  • Pay the resource fee per child (an additional fee to cover the cost of books and other resources for the student, determined based on gradeschoolpics7 level and individual needs)
  • Field trips and most school activities have a separate fee charged a
  • t the time of the event
  • There is no before and after care but the school is open from 7:
    00 am to 6:00 pm. Children can stay for those hours without being charged extra. Students must stay at least 5 hours a day and a maximum of the full 11 hours.  The school closes PROMPTLY at 6 pm.
  • When all of the above have been completed, your child  has completed the enrollment process. Tuition payment is due the last Friday of every month.