Online Learning

The Living Water School is now officially an online school. This program is offered to any students within the United States. Our home base is in Northern VA but students from any state are welcome to enroll in our program.  Students who enroll in our online program will experience the same sense of freedom, but within the virtual world.  Here are the following educational experiences students will participate in through the online program:

  • Students freely work through core subjects at their own pace and with full staff support (i.e. reading, math, writing and project based learning for history and science)
  • Students participate and design online interest groups (i.e. theatre club, art club, dance club, pokemon club, cooking club, and much more)
  • Morning and afternoon prayer and devotions
  • Independent reading program
  • Literature Seminar (a virtual book/literature club where students and staff read and discuss various excerpts of classic and contemporary literature)
  • Students are given educational credit for extracurricular activities they engage in outside of school time.

The students’ online experience is monitored by our staff and documented through the students’ online portfolio and weekly report.  Each student is assigned a mentor, which is a staff member who will help to guide their online learning experience and help to keep them accountable.

Tuition for the online school is $500 a month or $5000 for the 2021-2022 school year. Tuition will be $600 for the 2022-2023 school year. The resource fee (paid just one time), which covers the cost of books, materials and other resources is $550 for ages 5-12 and $650 for ages 13-18.

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