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The Living Water School has always had a commitment to nature education, by the many hours we give our students the freedom to enjoy the outdoors during the school day. Since we have moved to being online, we have created a way to continue this tradition by having Nature School every Friday. We are inspired by the work of Erin Kenny and The Cedarsong Way philosophy (of The Cedarsong Way Nature Schools). We chose The Cedarsong Way philosophy because we feel it gave us a foundation for continuing our passion for children being free to learn and explore in their own way. The Cedarsong Way takes that vision and applies it to children exploring in nature.

Currently we meet every Friday either at the school’s campus or at a local park/nature center from 10 am to 12 pm every Friday. The park rangers have been so supportive of our school during this time. We plan to increase the hours and to spend more time at local parks in the future. We enjoy Nature School in ALL weather. We only cancel when the county shuts down. Please be sure to purchase all weather gear/boots/shoes for your child so they can be prepared for any type of weather. For the children’s safety we do not publish the location or addresses of where we meet but share it privately when contacted.

Our goal is to eventually run our Nature School program for the full day on Fridays for this current school year and next school year (2021-2022) we will have Nature School 2 full days a week. We will also be opening up the Nature School to children outside of the school that would like to join us in implementing the Cedarsong school philosophy in their lives as well. The Nature school is for ages 2 to 18! Details of when we will open this opportunity to those outside of the school are coming soon. Those who are part of our online learning community are encouraged to have a time of nature study on Fridays as well, near where they live.

To see our nature reflections, pictures and video, visit!

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