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The Nature School

The Living Water School always had a commitment to nature study, but when we moved to being online, we created a way to continue this tradition by taking the students hiking at least once a month. We are inspired by the work of Erin Kenny and The Cedarsong Way philosophy (of The Cedarsong Way Nature Schools). We chose The Cedarsong Way philosophy because it gave us a foundation for children being free to learn and explore in their own way. The Cedarsong Way connects to the vision of the school and applies it to children exploring in nature.

We enjoy Nature School in ALL weather. We only cancel when the county shuts down. Students have to be sure to purchase all weather gear/boots/shoes, so they can be prepared for any type of weather. For the children’s safety we do not publish the location or addresses of where we meet but share it privately within the school community.

Those students who do not live close to the school are encouraged to have a time of nature study in their home state as well. To see our nature reflections, pictures and video, visit!

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