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Staff and Academics

Our school is split up into 4 learning groups, instead of traditional grades: Little Springs (Pre-grammar-ages 5 to 7/Grades K-2), Creeks (Grammar-ages 8 to 11/Grades 3-6), Rivers (Logic-ages 12-14/Grades 7-9) and Bays (Rhetoric-ages 15-18/Grades 10-12). Students move through these groups as they cultivate certain skills according to the Classical Trivium. Half of the school week students are working through classical curricula with the support of staff at their own pace and the other half all students are free to pursue personal interests and passions and often interact with all age levels. All staff work with each group Monday-Wednesday as students learn at their own pace and pursue their personal interests/passions. We have a dedicated staff of professional men and women who work hard to provide a nurturing and intellectually stimulating learning environment for every student. The video below allows you to meet the current faculty and staff of the school.

Our school brought in the Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy to assess our school culture. This video provides a summary of the results!

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