Athletics Program

Starting 2023-2024 The Living Water School will open its sports program! Our first sports team will be a varsity boys basketball team (grades 9-12) called THE STORM. Students AND homeschoolers are welcome to participate.

We have decided to open an athletics program so that students can continue to learn and thrive in a healthy environment. Our students used to play for other private schools, but we became concerned with the environment they often were exposed to. Therefore, The Living Water School is embarking on this new venture, so that our students can enjoy playing sports in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our athletic director is Pastor Duane McKinney. Pastor Duane played sports all the way through highschool and has coached basketball for years. He recently left his career as a podiatrist of 30 years to become a full time pastor. He is also the founder of a basketball mentoring program called 4 Point Play (www.4ptplay.com). Many of our students were trained and mentored through this program and it made a tremendous impact on their lives.

For more information about our sports program, contact our Pastor Duane’s assistant at jennifer@thelwschool.org.

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