Our Justice League LIVES!

After collaborating with students, we finally figured out how to bring our student court back to life online. We are so proud of the hardwork of students on the committee to reinstate our Justice League. They range in ages 9 to 17 and all of their ideas came together to bring it back. Here's a... Continue Reading →

Our Philosophy Model

In order to help people grasp the framework of our school's philosophy, we created an acronym that expresses all of the components of the school: F-Follow a child’s interests, passions, learning style, and learning pace L-Liberal Arts Education (Classical Education) allows children to learn freely through exploration, dialogue of their thoughts and opinions, and by interaction with Living... Continue Reading →

Freedom at Home and Online

From the Founder: As you all know we are a school that seeks to practice the Sudbury model as much as we can. We are not quite at total freedom (we are at about 50/50 freedom 50% freedom and 50% Classical education) at the school, but it still gave us a space to practice it... Continue Reading →

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