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Ocean Prep

This is a college prep program for high school graduates who don’t feel like they are quite ready for college.  It is a 1-2 year program where students are able to receive guidance for planning their lives post high school. To enter, students must have graduated from high school and have a full or part time job. During their time in Ocean Prep, they will receive guidance and counseling for choosing their career or college paths. The Ocean Prep program includes the following requirements: preparing for college (including 1 to 2 courses high school courses that need strengthening, if necessary) or trade school entrance exams, taking those entrance exams, completing applications (college, trade school, career, internships, etc.) , and the 3 following classes offered in the evenings: Bible/theology, literature and financial literacy.

Ocean Prep also will help students who are only interested in entering the job force right after college with applying to a meaningful career. This program also will provide no more than 2 classes that a student may need to pass or strengthen before going into college, if necessary. The purpose of Ocean Prep is to prepare our graduates for the “Ocean of the World.” Because Ocean Prep, is still considered part of the Living Water School, students can continue to play high school sports or have other high school opportunities. They would just have to notify those entities that they are in our College Prep program. Tuition is much less than the school tuition because students will not be in classes all day. We will post a formal fee schedule for all LW School programs, including Ocean Prep later on this summer. 

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