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20211119_122326It is our desire to introduce all students to Biblical teachings and the gospel of Jesus Christ, giving them the freedom to decide for themselves to commit their lives to Him.  If they make that decision, then they have the option to sign up for a discipleship class in order to grow in their faith.

Although there is not a formal or academic Bible or religion class, we seek to create an environment where students experience what it is like to live free in Christ.  There is Christian or positive music playing constantly. The morning devotions is a time where students can sing the Christian songs they choose, students can lead in prayer, the school community does a choral Bible reading each morning and the community discusses the reading in small groups. The discussions give students the freedom to share their thoughts, opinions and even disagreements with the Bible reading and students do not have to contribute to the discussion if they do not want to. This is an unevaluated time for students to just hear about and discuss the Bible and then we trust the Spirit to open the hearts of students who want to grow in the faith.

The passages are key passages of the Bible from Genesis to Revelations so that students obtain a general understanding of the meaning and story of the Bible by the time the school year ends. The staff pray constantly for the students, that they would open their hearts to Christ and experience the freedom that can be found in Him. The staff is also available to students who have questions or want to discuss spiritual or life struggles that they are having.

The verses below express the type of freedom The Living Water School encourages our students to discover.

Statement of Faith:

Our hope is to lovingly guide students into their own personal relationship with Jesus Christ, by providing a Christian and nurturing environment, yet giving them the grace to make the choice for themselves in their own time, knowing that no matter what they decide, they are loved and accepted in our community.

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