Camp FreeIndeed

Camp FreeIndeed is our annual summer camp!  2019 is our inaugural year for the camp and we are so excited, and we plan to have this camp every year!  The camp will be greatly inspired by the Sudbury Model of education in that children will be free to go about their day engaged in socialization, play and independent/child-directed learning experiences.  The campers will have access to all the resources they need to plan a fun-filled camp experience.  There are no formal classes or projects, but all events and experiences are totally planned by the campers and supported by the staff. As students plan it or sign up for activities, there will be field trips, outside play, sports activities organized by students, trips to the swimming pool, art, dance, and much more! The only required activity of the camp is morning devotions (where we pray and read and study the Bible for 30 minutes) and Whirlpool (our afternoon prayer time). Students will also learn how to handle conflict through our student court called The Justice League (or “JL” as students call it).

This is a great way for parents who are curious about our unique school to give their child at least a summer to enjoy freedom in education. This camp is also great for the parent who may prefer a traditional school experience but value freedom in a child’s life enough to give them a summer of learning in a free environment.

Here is some basic info about the camp:

Cost:  $500-$600 a month

Time: 7 am- 6 pm (morning devotions begins at 10 am)

Location: The Southern MD area, please contact us for specific directions

Dates:  June 24-August 23, 2019

Ages:  4 to 18

Requirement:  Campers must be enrolled for the entire 9 weeks of the camp. No partial or part time enrollments will be given.