A Mother’s Retreat to Bond Over Freedom!

So excited about our first mother’s retreat for the Living Water School. We are calling it Living Water Sisters’ Retreat! We plan to relax, pray together, discuss bringing freedom into our homes and just bonding more together. You don’t have to belong to the school to come. The cost is just $100 per person for the entire weekend. There will NOT be long workshops or sessions. We will pray in the morning and have a discussion in the evening. Other than that we will relax! Each person brings their own food! This is a great way to get to know us and our school community if you are curious or in need of fellowship with others who believe in more freedom in education for their kids (it can get lonely out there)! All of this is being planned by our mom and PE/Music teacher, who has been with us and blessed our school community for 5 years! Don’t you just love this beautiful lake front house!?taylor made

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