How God Called Me to Sudbury

blog quoteFrom the Founder:  After so many years in education, I know that I have chosen a very odd philosophy to latch on to, but I just really believe in it. The research is there, and my own personal experiences have brought me to this place!

After serving as a public and private school teacher, a university supervisor (UMD) of student teachers for MCPS, a school administrator and now a principal…after these over 20 years in education and with all these experiences, I have come to a philosophy of such simplicity that it is sometimes hard to grasp or believe works. BUT IT WORKS! One just has to come to a place of trusting the process.

We have our timelines and even “bench marks” of where our kids should be, but most times, God has programmed something totally different into our child. When we force “our way” on them, I have seen so many times that it backfires, and we find ourselves frustrated with our kids. As a mom, when it came time to educating my kids and realizing my children are so different, finding this philosophy has been such a blessing. It has removed my anxiety. It has made my oldest son stop stuttering and to finally love reading. It has allowed youngest son want to learn to read at an early age. It has allowed my baby girl to already start writing. All these things happening when they are ready, but yet not feeling the pressure to perform to meet my expectations. They are just happy and free little souls discovering for themselves who God wants them to be.

We are praying  that God continues to bring families to the school who want more than just a nurturing small school that can fit into the traditional model (that will NEVER be us), but have embraced the concept of FREEING our children to learn and grow as GOD has designed them. We are looking for parents who really want their children to pursue their own dreams and not be trophies for parents to brag about. This is the child’s journey and I am and will always be an advocate for the child to be who they feel God leading them to be.

We misinterpret scripture I believe when we feel we have to force kids into their educational journey and discovering their life purpose. Joseph was given dreams as a YOUNG child, that even his father did not believe. Samuel was called by God himself and even Eli had trouble believing that God would be audibly talking to a young boy! We must come to a place of trusting our kids to follow their dreams and passions! We continue to disobey the Word when it says, in 1 Timothy 4:12 “Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.” Children have a calling and we must let them pursue it! Just about every person God called to do mighty things in the Word were called as a young child that no one believe and everyone underestimated.


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