Learning from Jelly Fish

I want to explain my thinking on parenting and education to you since coming to embrace this educational philosophy and I want to do it by telling you about our recent camping trip. We went to Breezy Point Beach and had a campsite literally ON the beach. It was amazing. The water was warm and... Continue Reading →

What We “Teach”

I cannot help but feel deep sadness from the passing and suicide of Chester Bennington.  A gifted musician and artist, I found that he was severely bullied in school when he was young.  There are other stories like his.  I also read recently that the latest star of the new Spider Man, Tom Holland was... Continue Reading →

Focusing ONLY on the School

From the Founder:  With a great deal of pain, we have decided to close all services to the homeschool community (The Homeschool Center and The Umbrella).  This in no way was an easy decision.  I recall when I visited a democratic school the summer I opened The Living Water School and told them that I... Continue Reading →

How God Called Me to Sudbury

From the Founder:  After so many years in education, I know that I have chosen a very odd philosophy to latch on to, but I just really believe in it. The research is there, and my own personal experiences have brought me to this place! After serving as a public and private school teacher, a... Continue Reading →

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