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From the Founder

I finally finished a very long journey that looks at freeing up students to think in their educational journey. I feel this research for my PhD connects well with why this type of education is important for our children. My final chapter talks about why I opened an “evolving” Sudbury school and how my research drew me to this place of wanting to free up students within school. I brought some of my high school students with me to my dissertation defense, because you know that’s how we roll. My committee thought it so amazing that here were some 14 to 17 year olds engaging in an intellectual discussion at the graduate level. Because we talk so much and let them talk so much and we are all equal it was nothing new for them! When I was done, one of my students asked if they had to call me Dr. and I said “NO! We are all family here, I will be Anika to you thank you!” Just so you know that we DO take your child’s education very seriously, and our staff is very qualified to do what we do…even though we sometimes decide to have a dance party instead of an actual class.

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