From the Founder

The story of Maya Angelou always keeps me motivated with the school. I was never mute, but oh did I struggle internally as a child. And just like her, in time I came out of the dark cloud. If given time, how many students can also RISE? The thing is MOST students struggle with something,... Continue Reading →

From the Founder

I finally finished a very long journey that looks at freeing up students to think in their educational journey. I feel this research for my PhD connects well with why this type of education is important for our children. My final chapter talks about why I opened an "evolving" Sudbury school and how my research drew... Continue Reading →

Charting Their Path

Ok, here's a very vivid example of how we roll. So a couple days ago a student sat in my office and asked me how he can start volunteering at local museums, because he wants to work in a museum when he is old enough. He is very interested in "anything to do with history"... Continue Reading →

Freeing Children to Fly

I know it's a weird question to ask a parent who is seeking to place their child in a new school:  "Do you mind if he doesn't finish the math book this year?  Are you ok with us focusing on his heart first?"  When I was the principal of other schools, and I would receive... Continue Reading →

Sudbury in a Christian Context

I want to attempt to show what the Sudbury model within a Christian environment may look like. I chose this model of education because as one being a Christian since a little girl and growing up in a church, I saw a pattern of kids growing up in the church and then as soon as they... Continue Reading →

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